The Quest for a Perfect Mobile App

Mobile App Development

Clearly, a mobile app has to be developed and you need someone to deal with it. There are a lot of outsourcing opportunities nowadays, when you can find specialists from all over the world across the Internet. But, what many overlook is that you can’t always trust someone from the other end of the world handling one of your most powerful business tools. That’s right – a mobile app is an extremely powerful business tool that will either kill your brand or rocket it to the skies.

The best idea is to hire an IT company, namely a company that works on mobile application development for brands that can really understand your needs and the needs of your audience. It is all about teamwork – this is when a perfect mobile app comes to life. Hearing an opinion of a single person might be satisfying and even convincing, but when there’s a staff of specialists working on your app, it’s a totally different thing.

How to Find a Reliable Mobile App Development Company?

This may seem a tough task to accomplish. However, finding a reliable and responsible mobile application development company is not that difficult. If you go to Google and type in “mobile app development company,” you will get tons of relevant results. There are tons of companies nowadays that have settled their camps in this market niche, because mobile applications are in great demand today.

Numerous statistics show that websites are mostly visited from mobile devices (tablets and smartphones), rather than desktop computers. Furthermore, whatever your specific audience is, you may be sure that they want the least hassle to access what they need on their device. This is why mobile apps for businesses are in such a great demand these days. You want to give your potential and actual clients what they need right away. They appreciate it.

Now, how do you define that a particular company will provide you with what you need? There are a few tips. A trusted mobile app development company should have:

Proficiency in iOS, Android OS, or both (at least);
Understanding of modern market trends;
Up-to-date sense of design;
Positive feedback from previous clients and portfolio;
Relevant prices;
Young team.
The last point is one of the most crucial ones. Although older specialists might have tons of experience, it doesn’t mean as much in today’s constantly changing market. And younger professionals are the best ones to adapt to these changes. They’re fresh, they’re dynamic, and they are hungry for more. This is exactly what any brand needs today.

Rooting for Nook Developers-How it is being done

If you want to attain the privileged control then you are certainly in need of the rooting techniques that are being provided on all Android smart phones. Either it is Galaxy tab or Nook color; you can use the rooting technique in the same way as you are using the Jailbreaking technique for Apple Iphone and Ipad. It is quite clear that now you will understand the rooting process theme. There are some privileged commands that are not available in the stock configuration while we buy the Android device. The same thing arises with the Nook devices as well. You will find that rooting opens the hand of a Nook developer to provide more options for the Nook users. You require rooting for potentially more deadly and dangerous operations such as deleting the system files, low-level access of hardware and so on.
You require unlocking boot loader verification if you want to remove the installed operating devices. You certainly do not require the rooting to run the application outside the Google play as being done by Jailbreaking in case of Apple Iphone. Right now, by default, Amazon Kindle is for Amazon App store but it uses the Android operating environment. Well, for that, we need side loading and that does this job. We are now going to have a look at how this rooting is done by the Nook developers on Nook Color and tablet devices.
The Android loader from Android SDK is certainly the ADB. If you want to install the apps on the Barnes & Nobles Nook color using the ADB then you need the rooting process as this provides such facilities. You need to use the Auto-Nooter Variation. With this, you can install many features like su and superuser.apk, busy Box, Non Market installs, calendar and calculators, disable or enable Android market, YouTube and Gmail, enable multi touch for Android Apps, provides live wallpapers, adds removable custom root animation and so on.
There are so many things that you can do through the Rooting process and Nook developers are certainly doing that. We are going to discuss any one of such process and let us see how it stands in front of us. Just think that after rooting the You Tube fails to start. If you want to fix this problem then you need Titanium back up from the anywhere. You will need that to clear the You Tube user data.
However, you can clear the You Tube data manually as well. You can also reinstall the apps as well. However, you might find problem with the reinstallation process. Hence, you should clear the data, as that is a better idea. Type adb shell and then rm-fR/data/data/ youtube/*. You can use busybox rm if this does not work. You will find that the YouTube start working again. You can download GScript to run the command again. Do not try to login on YouTube as it might break after doing this. All these are part of rooting and you will find that most of Nook developers use them while developing Nook apps. If you are interested in collaborating with TBL Development Firm, contact them on their website.

Kindle Paperwhite Available after October 1-It will be Pity, if it is Not For Amazon Developer

We are going to witness some new devices in the Kindle series before coming November. We are soon going to have the Kindle Paperwhite that is coming with the glowlight right now. This is the inclusion by the Amazon in its Kindle series. The self-illuminating screen was certainly the part of the Nook series right now. However, you are going to find that now this facility is going to be made available in case of the Kindle Paperwhite as well. You are going to have the whiter screen as well as the self illuminating screen is certainly going to be quite a good inclusion as now we can read in the brightest of sunshine as well. Jeff Bezos is certainly right now proudest of all. The digital library of the Kindle is one of the most powerful of the features of the Kindle. We are now going to access this library in the self-illuminating screen. All these facilities are now on the Kindle Simple touch certainly. The name of this device is going to be Kindle Paperwhite. You can understand that why it is called Paperwhite. You are not going to get any kind of yellowing display and it is certainly going to be complete white. This feeling will be quite pleasing to the eyes certainly. It is however, not for Amazon developer.
The capacitive touch screen is the new inclusion and that’s make this product quite awesome. The front-lit display certainly can help you read in the dark and that makes this device quite friendly in all kind of environment. The contrast is just awesome and you will find around 25% more contrast as compared with the Pearl screens that came with the Kindle devices. The resolution is certainly 62% higher than the previous device. All the light is certainly directed towards the screen and that certainly is much more advanced feature that is not present in Nook. The material used for providing for such facilities is certainly the fiber optics. The color of the screen is whiter and the thickness of the device (9.1 mm) is much less as compared to the previous ones definitely. The disadvantage is certainly that you cannot use it for the Kindle development as being required by the Amazon developer.
The battery power is just awesome and it is around of 8 weeks, which is quite awesome undoubtedly. However, the biggest advantage is certainly that it is touch screen and you can do a world of touch with just a touch. You can flip across the pages quite easily. You will find that it is around 15% faster than the previous models and thus it does appear to be on the winning path right now.
There is a detailed font facility now and there is a higher resolution as well as you can now play with the brightness through the slider that is made available to you with this device. You can easily calculate the reading speed as well as there is software and you can calculate that how quickly you can read the chapter. The cost of this model is around $119 in America and that is quite cheap. You can also get rid of the ads if you will pay $20 more and that is just awesome. It would be better however; this device is compatible for Amazon development as well by Amazon developer. If you are interested in collaborating with TBL Development Firm<, contact them on their website.

With IOS 8.2 Apple Prepares Environment For App Developers To Make Apps For Apple Watch

IOS 8.2 is now available for app developers and IOS 8.2 is up with some of the most awesome features that will be a great help for the app developers while they build the Apple Watch apps. People feel that the small screen of Apple watch can be a problem and hence they will prefer IPhone. However, it is still early days. Things are going to change as the time passes by. You are going to witness some of the great apps and especially a long list of apps that will promote on demand services. Some of the on demand services can be like car rental, laundry services, food delivery, DVD for entertainment and many more features. All of these features are now a possibility.

It has amazed me. Tim Cook has done the mistakes in the past. Looking closely, Tim has favored Jony Ive a lot and ahead of techies like Scott Forstall, who was the key member of Steve Jobs team and the head of Ios software.

Another big mistake from Tim Cook has been in enhancing services like Apple Map services and Siri. Appoint of John Browett is also a mistake in eyes of many critics. However, Apple watch is not a mistake. Making mistake is right of each human being. The fact is that he is up with the great ios 8.2 app now and this comes with features like Apple watch companion app where you will find all the settings. You have the Apple watchkit now with you and you to have various advanced features like ability to bring out working information from third party apps as well as the privacy features for those who do not want to share their experiences with the outside world. If you remember the release of Standford Health Care App using Apple health kit, you will realize how important the above feature is as this ensures the development of such apps for Apple watch environment and that is something amazing.

You will be thrilled to note that Apple has announced, just yesterday about the researchkit project. Undoubtedly, HealthKit project is definitely a sensation for Apple watch developer and many expectations are there for implementation of health kit in Apple watch environment.

Mail, maps, voiceover, hearing aid connectivity and OS stability are some of the features that is coming with IOS 8.2 and it looks likely that the version is especially dedicated to the Apple Watch. Stay tuned, many features are to be discussed soon! Making mistake is the right of each human. Tim Cook has done loads of good work for Apple as well. Jony Ive had controversies with Osterloh recently though he is definitely the best designer on the planet at present.

Apps – Snapchat Pulls Ahead in a Photo Finish

The App Annie Apps Index brings you the top-performing publishers and apps outside of games across both the iOS App Store and Google Play. To find out what’s happening in game apps, please check out our Games Index.

Snapchat became the #1 downloaded non-game app in the iOS App Store for the first time in May 2013. The popular photo and video messaging app had been gaining steam over the prior months. Meanwhile, Pandora continued to be the top-grossing non-game app and publisher in the iOS App Store for a second month in a row.

The rest of the May 2013 Apps Index continued to feature several photo & video apps in the download rankings, and social networking and communication apps in the revenue rankings.

Compared to the Games Index, the Apps Index tends to include more United States-based publishers, particularly on iOS. The exceptions in this list were Out Fit 7 and Chinese heavyweights Tencent and Baidu.

In the May 2013 rankings:

Google again led in non-game app downloads. Google showed a lot of depth in its top-downloaded apps; YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail, Chrome, Google Search, and Google Earth were highly downloaded apps in the iOS App Store.
Apple also kept its #2 position for another month in a row.
Publisher Facebook rounded out the top three, with Instagram, Facebook.
WeChat’s increased downloads outside of China helped Tencent improve by five slots and move into the top five at #4.
Baidu moved up 8 spots to give China two publishers in the top ten. Entertainment app Love Fantastic Art Video was the leading app in Baidu’s portfolio.
Publisher Smule used various musical apps, including Guitar!, to jump 13 spots to reach number ten in iOS App downloads.
Compared to the iOS App Store, Google Play had a more diverse international presence among the top publishers based on non-game downloads, though the United States still had many of the top ten publishers in May, as it did in April. Overall, the top ten did not see a lot of shake-up this month. At the very top of the chart:

Facebook continued to lead in Google Play non-game downloads. Its top ranking came from the standard Facebook app, followed by Facebook Messenger, and Instagram.
Google remained in the #2 slot. Its top apps in Google Play were Google Translate, Chrome, and Google Drive; this difference from the iOS App Store is expected, since the top Google apps in the iOS App Store come preinstalled on some Android devices.
KakaoTalk helped Kakao gain three spots to reach the top ten.

As with April, the top ten publishers in May were mostly based in the United States. The top three publishers remained the same from April to May, with Pandora, Apple, and LINE forming the top trio of iOS App Store publishers by non-game revenue. Disney and Microsoft were the two additions to the top ten list in May.


BMNY Chat is a premium app powered by TBL Development Firm. The app have similar features with Snapchat and infact the functions are quite promising. BNMY gives you the most fun experience to share moments with your friends. Keep your friends updated by sending messages and photos in just seconds. Simply capture any frame from your Android Phone, insert captions or draw something and send. Add your friends or get a chance to meet new awesome people on BNMY network. Use Instant Chat to keep in touch with your best friends in real time.

Key Features:

Add Network of Friends
Instant Chat
Capture and send photos
Send Images from your Phone Establish relationships, meet new friends, capture moments, and keep in touch with your best friends.
BMNY Chat is available on Google Play Store and TBL team developers are getting ready for its next iOS launch.

LINE and GREE led for another month. Meanwhile, Pandora moved one rung up the ladder into third for Google Play non-game revenue, which was based on the performance of a single app. Netherlands-based publisher TomTom moved up two spots to enter the top ten.

Photo & Video apps represented four of the top ten spots in May. The United States was again well represented in iOS App Store non-game downloads with eight of the top ten apps coming from publishers headquartered in the United States.

Snapchat traded spots with YouTube to reach the top spot in iOS downloads for the first time this year. Google made a good showing overall, again with a diversity of offerings; Google placed three apps within the top ten.

Two new entries made large gains to enter the top ten:

The children’s app Ginger’s Birthday, a sequel to Talking Ginger, moved up 52 spots to rank #6.
Moldiv, a collage photo editor, surged up the Photo and Video category to become one of the top overall downloads. Its rise in the rankings coincided with being featured on the iOS App Store Home Page in over 120 countries across the globe from May 2 to 15.
United States publishers continued to be well-represented among the top-downloaded apps across both platforms. The top five apps in this Google Play list all hailed from the United States, similar to what we saw the previous month.

Overall, these Google Play app download rankings continued to be dominated by Communication and Social apps:

Facebook and WhatsApp Messenger continued their trend of leading in downloads throughout the year, and Facebook again had three apps ranked in the top five in May.
WeChat also moved into the top ten this month, improving its rank by three.
Tiny Flashlight + LED moved into the top ten to become the lone app to fall outside of this Communication and Social clique.

Most of these top-grossing non-game apps were again published by United States-based companies, as was the case in April.

Pandora users kept the app at the top of these non-game rankings for a second month in a row. Among the rest of the top 10, Social Networking apps were prevalent; there were a total of six in the May rankings, the highest total to date in 2013. Skype moved up ten spots to round out the list. Dating app Zoosk was another big mover, sliding ahead three spots to reach the top five.

Asian publishers continued to have a very strong presence when it came to Google Play non-game revenue; publishers from Japan, South Korea, and China represented five of the top ten apps in this list. Communication apps also had a strong presence on Google Play, though a wide range of other apps also made appearances.

LINE and GREE again topped the list. Pandora continued its steady climb and moved up one spot into the top three. LINE 占い (Fortune-telling) made the largest leap to the top ten by moving ahead 96 spots.

Handy Tips for Freelance App Developers

app developersThere is about a million apps in the app store. There are over 100 companies in the UK specialising in app development. There are thousands of freelance app and web developers out there struggling up the food chain. Here is a set of guidelines every freelancer should follow before jumping head first into the business.

Keep it Simple

Remember there is a vast plethora of complicated and monotonous apps out there. If your app is boring and complicated it would never be downloaded. So first thing, make your App UI presentable and simple. Make a kickass icon and give your app a catchy name. Marketing is everything today.

Research Old Apps

Look up old apps in the app store. Go through their portfolio and their design. Understand their flaws (if any) and try to edit them as you implement it in your app. Don’t just study the renowned apps, go for the ones which aren’t that famous. Try finding out why they couldn’t be as famous and don’t make that same mistake in your case. Don’t copy old designs, instead try modifying an older version such that the output is better.

Follow your Heart

Every app developer has a niche. Try identifying and nurturing yours before you get into the developing business. If your passion is travel, come up with an idea and a design no developer has come up with before. Make your app call to its users. Test your app. You are its first user and so try looking at it objectively. Turn your passion into their pastime.

Patience is Key

You may not necessarily flourish in the app market with your very first app. Don’t be disappointed with failure and invest more time in perfecting your design. Developing a proper app takes time. Rushing things may not prove to be beneficial, considering the mistakes you may make or flaws you may overlook.

No to Seeking Investments

The best course for action for you would be to start saving assets for your app development business. It never is very suitable to seek investments as issues may arise later.

Get a Technical Partner

You will need someone to provide you with assistance if and when necessary. Having a technical partner will not just make your work more efficient, it will provide a second set of eyes. Sometimes a second opinion can be of great help. More importantly, an app designer doesn’t always have deep pockets. A joint venture isn’t a bad idea.